Jet Black M108-BK Clasp Buckle


Carbon Fiber Series rubber strap engineered to fit Rolex Deepsea case and Glidelock clasp*. Our exclusive STRENGTH INFUSION TECHNOLOGY provides upgraded support against the friction, weight, and frequent micro-adjustments made daily to your Rolex Glidelock Clasp. Carbon Fiber molecules are fused within the vulcanized rubber during its mould process. RESULT: substantial increase in vertical and lateral stress resistance, while maintaing supple, flexible comfort around the wearer's wrist.

- Maintains the full extention systems of your Glidelock clasp.

- 100% custom fit without the use of links from your original Oyster bracelet. Your finished    look will be exactly as shown.

- Made in Switzerland of pure vulcanized rubber. No coating, blends or bonding.

- Meets FDA and BVGG specifications: non toxic, non marking, non allergen.

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Price: IDR 3.949.000
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